Brown Fused Alumina Import and Export Data of China in 2014

China Industrial Statistics

China’s industry actually grows 9.2% in June of 2014 compared to the same period of 2013, 0.77% compared to May of 2014.For 1st half of 2014, it grows 8.8% compared to the same period of 2013.

Brown Fused Alumina Statistics

Brown Fused Alumina is also called Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide or Brown Corundum and is an important industrial mineral for refractory and abrasives materials. Although China is the biggest manufacturing country of Brown Fused Alumina, in 2014, import of Brown Fused Alumina increased. In September, total import amount is 89.7 metric tons, increasing by 475%.  In total year of 2014, import amount is 521.8 metric tons.

As for export, China export 46.24 thousand metric tons in September, increasing by 4.8%. From January to September, total export amount inreased by 14.4% to 467.40 metric tons.

Due to poor situation on China’s steel manufacturing industry and decreased demand on refractory Brown Fused Alumina, export market is increasingly important for suppliers of Brown Fused Alumina. For abrasives industry, market is low,too. Henan,Guizhou and Shanxi are the most important manufacturing bases for Brown Fused Alumina.



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