Anti-Slip products

Both Brown Fused Alumina and White Fused Alumina are ideal materials for anti-slipping purposes such as anti-sllip floors, wear abrasion resistance improvement, laminate flooring abrasion improvement. Brown Fused Alumina,for example,is a hard,tough,blocky and dense material of excellent abrasives ability. It’s durable and can be recycled. And it’s inert material without chemial change under normal environment and is heat resistant. Bulk density of BFA is between 1.40-2.10 and true density is 3.9g/cm3. So high density make it good for mixting with other materials for anti-slipping purposes and for non-slip floors.

There are two main ways of using White and Brown Fused Alumina for anti-slipping applications. One is to mix it with other materials llike cement,metal,rubber,building materials etc to make non-slip floor and roof, auto brakes,speciality rubber,flooring and roofing materials etc. In airport pavements(airfield runway),highways etc, BFA is widely used. Another way is coating of Brown Fused Alumina onto specific materials like wooven or fabric belts to make anti-slipping mat,anti-slipping belts etc. In laminate floor industry, they also coat White Fused Alumina on a special paper,while keeping this “surface”transparent without changing color and effect of the floor surface. This is called Al2O3 reinforced laminate flooring. By doing so, it can effectively improve the abrasion of the floor and expand its lifetime.

Anti-Slip Applications of Brown Fused Alumina

Brown Fused Alumina Anti Slip Belt