Coated Abrasives Introduction

Coated Abrasives is to bond abrasives grains mostly aluminium oxide synthetic corundum onto substances using adhesives. Coated abrasives products are for grinding,blending,sharpening,finishing and polishing of surfaces. It’s widely used in both industrial and commercial applications wherever polishing and smoothing are needed. The components to make coated abrasives products include adhesive bond(usually glue,resin or urea), abrasives grains, backing materials, grinding aids and other fillers.

Common Backing Substances are Paper, Fibre, Fabric, Non-Wooven

Common Abrasives Grains are Brown Fused Alumina,White Fused Alumina, Pink Fused Alumina, Zirconia Fused Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Garnet, Diamond, CBN etc Sizes of Brown Fused Alumina and White Fused Alumina for coated abrasives are P24,30,P36,P60,P80…etc

Shape of coated abrasives can be belts, sheets, rolls, discs, shafts, flap discs, cylindrical sleeves etc. Most of them are flexible and strong to apply for various parts,positions and surfaces of different metals,plastics,rubber etc. Some of them like sandpaper and sanding belts are hand-used products.


Coated Abrasives Products

Coated Abrasives Products