Brief introduction of Shengyu Brown&White Fused Alumina

Yichuan Shengyu Abrasives Co.,Limited is a China producer and supplier of Brown Fused Alumina and White Fused Alumina for refractory, abrasives, blasting and surface preparation/treatment industries located in Yichuan County,Luoyang Area,Henan Province. Our products are with the highest quality for refractory bricks, un-shapped refractory purposes, crucibles, casting and painting, precision cutting, grinding,lapping,polishing,sandblasting,shotblasting,anti-slipping purposes and other applications and industries. Yichuan County is in central China with highly convenient transportation to all over China by highway, railway and air. It is one of the most important manufacturing bases for Brown Fused Alumina and White Fused Alumina, about 70% of BFA exported out of China is produced here. From mid of 1980s,a few factories of BFA were set up in Yichuan County and supplied to mainly state-owned trading companies of refractory minerals and abrasives grits, as well as manufacturers in refractory and abrasives industries. Shengyu Abrasives was one of these earliest factories, named Weihua at that time. After that, Yichuan made BFA started to be well known all over China and other countries. The booming of China economy accelerated the development of this industry in Yichuan in 1990s and 2000s, more factories, big or small emerged that that time. From the economic crisis in 2008 to now, this industry has experienced fierce competition and low market and has come to a stable status with hundreds of factories in this area. Shengyu is the one of the earliest and best producer featuring our high standard quality and reasonable prices competing out of so many.

Brief History
1988: Company Set Up in Yichuan County, focusing in manufacturing of Brown Fused Alumina
1990: Business great growth with help of trading companies
1993: First Bamarc Line fixed and started to make Brown Fused Alumina with higher bulk density
1994: In-house laboratory built and relevant testing equipments fixed
1995: Second Bamarc Line installed
1997: Company re-organized as a cooperate with more fund and capital for further development
1997: First Tilting Furnace set up
1998: Set up sales office in Jiangsu Province focusing on abrasives in this area
2000: Second Tilting Furnace set up with cooperation with our shareholders
2001: Graded as “AA” by Henan Credit Analysis & Grading Company
2002: Vice White Fused Alumina manufacturing started
2003: ISO9001-2000 certified
2004: Export License granted by Henan Province Foreign Trade Bureau
2004: Granted member of Coated Abrasives Committee, China Hardware and Machinery Committee
2005: Annual output reached 40,000 Metric Tons for Brown Fused Alumina
2008: Fusing facilities moved to industry area appointed by Yichuan County government to help environment protection
2009: Started to make White Fused Alumina abrasives and refractory grade
2010: Shenzhen Sales Office set up for export and south China market
2010: English Website launched to help overseas market sales
2010: Calcined Brown Fused Alumina manufacturing line set up for high quality abrasives
2013: ISO9001 audited and re-certified

2014: Visted Tools&Hardware Trade Exhibition at Augsburg

2014: Shengyu factory audited by SGS for online exhibition on

2016: Shengyu invested on a Silicon Carbide Manufacturing Factory and holds 50% share of this entity. Silicon Carbide was also introduced to our customer in refractory and abrasives industry.

Manufacturing Facilities & Principals
2 Fixed Furnaces
2 Tilting Furnaces
2 Roller Crush Lines
2 Bamarc Mills
1 Calcined BFA Line
During our fusion and crushing (grading)process, we always pay attention to health and safety of our workers, as well as environment protection. We also spent much money to make our manufacturing process more environment friendly.

Quality Control & Environment Protection
We make to China GB Standard, Japan JIS Standard, Europe FEPA Standard, GOST R 52381-2005 or to your own standard.
Shengyu Abrasives carefully choose our suppliers of raw materials and execute tests on materials received to make sure that we achieve high quality from the beginning. During fusion process, our technology and skills in fusion and experienced furnace operator ensure low cost, high output, high quality and safety.
We crush and grade coarse crude materials with our finest crushing and grading machines and equipments to make sure that finished materials are with high standard particle distribution, bulk density and less dust which may harm the environment. The sizes and grits we make are of good hardness, abrasives features.
The biggest harm to environment is water pollution and air pollution. During fusion and washing/cleaning process(dry wash or acid wash), it will cause water which is hard to the earth. And the biggest problem in crushing and grading process is dust. We invested money on equipments and processes which help us do better on environment. The water we use is recycled and reused to least harm. And our ventilation system and dust collectors let us have the utmost use of the dust caused during crushing and grading and make sure that we do the least harm to the air.

Main Market & Product
China,Japan,Korea,Europe,Russia,Middle East etc. We have good experience in export.
Brown Fused Alumina:
1, F8-F220, F280-F1500 for bonded abrasives,blasting and polishing
2, P8-P220 for coated abrasives
3, 0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,5-8mm,0-0.2mm,0-0.5mm,100mesh,200mesh,325mesh for refractories
4, Calcined Brown Fused Alumina FEPA sizes(Medium & High Temperature)
5, Second Grade BFA,Dust Collector Fines
White Fused Alumina:
1, F8-F220, F280-F2000 for bonded abrasives and blasting
2, 0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,5-8mm,100mesh,200mesh,325mesh for refractories
Vice White Fused Alumina(Grey Fused Alumina):
0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,5-8mm,100mesh,200mesh,325mesh for refractory purposes.