Blue Fire Brown Fused Alumina Introduction

We now make Blue Fire Brown Fused Alumina for high quality abrasives.

Blue Fire Brown Fused Alumina

Blue Fire Brown Fused Alumina

Blue Fire Brown Fused Alumina is a calcined type of Brown Fused Alumina in 1350 degree for several hours. Through this process,many chemical contents of abrasives sizes of BFA are vaporized or seperated out of the material and the materials become more chemicall stable and harder, also the refined material with less magnetic contents and the Al2O3 single crystable is increased,inner space and pressure are removed for higher density. Calcined Brown Fused Alumina is harder,stronger,shaper than standard materials. And the material becomes blocky. By using calcined Brown Fused Alumina, you will get more production output of abrasives tools.

So it is also called High Temperature Calcined Brown Fused Alumina. It is a new type of abraives media for higher requirements by some customers.


Applications: High Quality Grinding Wheels, Big Grinding Wheels and other Boned Abrasives Tools, High Speed Intensity Sand Belts and other Coated Abrasives Tolls, Sandblasting Abrasives, Surface Preparation,Anti-Slipping Purposes


Grits Available: F8,F10,F12,F14,F16,F20,F24,F30,F36,F40,F46,F54,F60,F70,F80,F90,F100,F120,F150,F180,F220 for bonded abrasives

P8,P10,P12,P14,P16,P20,P24,P30,P36,P40,P46,P54,P60,P70,P80,P90,P100,P120,P150,P180,P220,P240 for coated abrasives

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