Fused Aluminum Oxide as Sandblasting Media

Blasting is a working process of cutting,lapping and polishing of surfaces of different materials such as metal, plastic,rubber etc. There are several variants of the process, such as bead blasting, sandblasting, sodablasting, and shot blasting. Abrasives sandblasting is the operation of propelling a stream of abrasives materials as media against surface under high pressure by using blasting cabinets or blasting guns to polish, shape or toughten a suface, or to remove contaminants off this surface. This is an important process of surface preparation for metals or other materials.Common sandblasting media used are copper slag, nickel slag, garnet, aluminum oxide brown and white, silicon carbide, steel shot, glass beads, plasic beads, silica sands etc. In sandblasting industry, Brown Fused Alumina and White Fused Alumina are usually called “Brown Aluminum Oxide”and “White Aluminum Oxide”. They are very important sandblasting media. Our Brown Fused Alumina for sandblasting contains about 95% Aluminum Oxide and certain content of TiO2 which makes this material tough and blocky for blasting. The process of smelting also makes the material with high bulk density & toughness. Fused Aluminum oxide is an durable,angular,hard and tough sandblasting media which can be used many times. It is a low cost, durable, reusable material which is the most widely used abrasives grain for sandblasting. Grits of Brown Aluminum Oxide or White¬† Aluminum Oxide can be coarse sizes for tough removal of rust or scraps on surface or finely made powder for micro finishing and polishing. They can be used for many times and typically a very good media for cabinet blasting operation.

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Common Sandblasting Media
Brown Aluminum Oxide
White Aluminum Oxide
Pink Aluminum Oxide
Zirconia Aluminum Oxide
Black Aluminum Oxide
Glass Beads
Chilled Iron Grit & Shots
Casted Steel Shots
Casted Steel Grits
Plastic Beads
Copper Slag
Ceramic Beads (Ziconia / Zir Shots )
Cut Wire Shot
Stainless Steel High Chrome & Nickle Shot
Zinc Cut Wire Shots

Sandblasting Abrasives

Sandblasting Abrasives