At least 44 people killed in horrible blast in Tianjin Port, port handling seriously delayed

A terrible blast hit Tianjin Port, which is the most important ports in Northern China. Huge explosions and fire caused by the blast has killed at 44 people till now and hundreds of others injured. The explosion took place at shipping containers in a warehouse which is mainly for dangerous goods and sent up masive fireballs into the sky and destroed buildings around. The warehouse lies in a economic development zone and thousands of new cars there destroped. The fire was basically under control this morning after fight of more than 1000 firefighters. Among the 44 dead, 12 are firefighters.

Tianjin port is the most import port in Northern China which handles most of industrial raw materials import and export in Northern China. In abrasives and refractory industry, Tianjin port is the most important port,too. Most maerials are shipped here from producers in inland cities and then to all over the world by sea.

After the blast, many vessels delayed, warehouse full of trucks not yet loaded, customs clearance work seriously effected because the cusstoms official building was damaged seriously. On highways and roads to Tianjin port, there’s serious traffic jam with cars and trucks line for hundreds of kilometers. And till now, our trucking partners for abrasive and refractory materials has stopped to ship goods to Tianjin.

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